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Deputy Sheriff Stephanie Schreurs>

August 13, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Stephanie Schreurs

Deputy Sheriff Stephanie Schreurs succumbed to injuries sustained four days earlier in a single-vehicle crash on K-52, near Rock Rapids, Iowa. Her patrol vehicle left the roadway on a sharp curve, entered a ditch, and rolled over. She was flown […]

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Officer Andre Moye, Jr.>

August 12, 2019

Officer Andre Moye, Jr.

Officer Andre Moye was shot and killed after conducting a traffic stop near the junction of I-215 and Eastridge Avenue in Riverside. As Officer Moye completed paperwork to impound the vehicle the driver retrieved a rifle from it and opened […]

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Police Officer Juan Jose Diaz>

July 27, 2019

Police Officer Juan Jose Diaz

Police Officer Juan Diaz was shot and killed shortly after midnight in the area of Avenue 26 and Humboldt Street after taking law enforcement action when he observed several men vandalizing a wall. He was eating with friends when he […]

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Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Nimtz>

July 21, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Nimtz

Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Nimtz was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of South Military Trail and SW 10th Street while responding to a domestic violence call at 3:00 am. His patrol car collided with a pickup truck in […]

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Sergeant Michael Stephen>

July 18, 2019

Sergeant Michael Stephen

Sergeant Mike Stephen was shot and killed while responding to a domestic incident at a home in the area of 2020 Flag Road at about 9:00 am. He was speaking to a female in the front yard when another subject […]

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Conservation Officer Shannon “Opie” Barron>

July 7, 2019

Conservation Officer Shannon “Opie” Barron

Conservation Officer Opie Barron suffered a fatal heart attack while investigating an illegal harvesting call off of Highway 89 north of Red Lake. He and other officers had just cleared from the call when he radioed dispatch requesting EMS for […]

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Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Dixon>

July 7, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Dixon

Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Dixon was shot and killed following a vehicle pursuit of a stolen vehicle at approximately 11:15 pm. The vehicle was believed to have been connected to several burglaries and car break-ins over the previous days. A vehicle […]

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Deputy Sheriff Omar Diaz>

July 6, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Omar Diaz

Deputy Sheriff Omar Diaz died after collapsing at the scene of a stabbing call in the 7500 block of Stone Pine Lane. He and other deputies had responded to the scene where a woman had been stabbed several times. Deputy […]

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Police Officer John Anderson>

July 4, 2019

Police Officer John Anderson

Police Officer John Anderson was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Woodland Street and Interstate Drive. The vehicle that struck him had just fled from other officers who attempted to make a traffic stop on it. The […]

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Deputy Sheriff Carlos Ramirez>

July 2, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Carlos Ramirez

Deputy Sheriff Carlos Ramirez was struck and killed by a vehicle while he and another deputy were conducting a traffic stop on I-10 near mile marker 533. Another vehicle struck Deputy Ramirez and the other deputy before striking the vehicle […]

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Deputy Sheriff Troy P. Chisum>

June 25, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Troy P. Chisum

Deputy Sheriff Troy Chisum was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call in the 5200 block of East Troy Road in Avon at 2:00 pm. He was shot by a subject who then barricaded himself inside the home. […]

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Lieutenant Steven Whitstine>

May 30, 2019

Lieutenant Steven Whitstine

Lieutenant Steven Whitstine was killed in an automobile crash on Port Hudson-Pride Road, between Munson Drive and Pin Oak Lane, in Zachary at about 6:30 am. He was en route to the sheriff’s office when his patrol car left the […]

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