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Trooper Thomas Devlin>

September 3, 2020

Trooper Thomas Devlin

Trooper Thomas Devlin succumbed to injuries sustained on July 26th, 2020, when he was struck by a vehicle on Route 3, south of exit 29 in Billerica, while conducting a traffic stop. He was speaking to the driver of the […]

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Captain Stanley Curtis Elrod>

September 3, 2020

Captain Stanley Curtis Elrod

Captain Stan Elrod was struck and killed by a drunk driver while jogging while on duty as part of his department’s wellness program. He was jogging along Hunt Road, between Booger Hill Road to Moons Grove Road in Madison County, […]

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Corporal Bryant Searcy>

September 2, 2020

Corporal Bryant Searcy

Corporal Bryant Searcy was killed when he was assaulted by an inmate at about 10:00 pm at Jail Division 2 at 525 Clinton Street in Detroit. He suffered severe injuries during the struggle with the inmate after he was attacked. […]

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Police Officer Tamarris Bohannon>

August 30, 2020

Police Officer Tamarris Bohannon

Police Officer Tamarris Bohannon succumbed to a gunshot sustained the previous night when he and other officers were ambushed in the 3700 block of Hartford Street at about 6:00 pm. He and other officers were dispatched to reports of a […]

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Police Officer Bryan Brown>

August 27, 2020

Police Officer Bryan Brown

Police Officer Bryan Brown was killed as he and other officers responded to reports of an armed man driving erratically near the Desert Diamond Why Casino near Why, Arizona, at about 9:00 a.m. When Officer Brown arrived at the scene […]

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Ranger Brendan Unitt>

August 20, 2020

Ranger Brendan Unitt

Ranger Brendan Unitt drowned while responding to a distressed boater on Horsetooth Reservoir near Soldier Canyon Dam at about 9:30 pm. Ranger Unitt had been conducting a foot patrol at the campgrounds on the west shore of the reservoir when […]

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Police Officer Sheena Dae Yarbrough-Powell>

August 9, 2020

Police Officer Sheena Dae Yarbrough-Powell

Police Officer Sheena Yarbrough-Powell was killed when her patrol car was struck head-on by a wrong-way driver on Cardinal Drive near the Highway 347 overpass. The crash occurred on the divided highway at approximately 2:30 am. Her partner was seriously […]

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Sergeant Steven Splan>

August 2, 2020

Sergeant Steven Splan

Sergeant Steven Splan suffered a fatal heart attack several hours after cutting and removing a large tree that had fallen onto Bloomfield Hills Parkway east of Woodward Avenue at approximately 12:30 pm. He returned to the station and was found […]

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Trooper Caleb Starr>

July 31, 2020

Trooper Caleb Starr

Trooper Caleb Starr succumbed to injuries sustained three weeks earlier when his vehicle was struck head-on by an intoxicated driver in Ionia County. He was traveling west on Grand River Avenue, in Boston Township, responding to a low-priority call when […]

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Special Agent John Bost, III>

July 28, 2020

Special Agent John Bost, III

Special Agent John Bost was killed as the result of an accidental discharge of a rifle inside of the Kīhei police station in Maui, Hawaii. Special Agent Bost had served with the ATF for 15 years and had previously served […]

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Deputy Sheriff Dylan Pickle>

July 26, 2020

Deputy Sheriff Dylan Pickle

Deputy Sheriff Dylan Pickle was struck and killed by a vehicle while conducting a safety checkpoint on Hamilton Road near Seely Drive. He and several other deputies were conducting the checkpoint when a vehicle struck him and a second deputy […]

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Deputy Sheriff William Garner>

July 19, 2020

Deputy Sheriff William Garner

Deputy Sheriff Bill Garner was struck and killed by a vehicle while at the scene of a single-vehicle crash near mile marker 164 on I-85 at about 7:15 pm. He was assisting the occupants of the involved vehicle when another […]

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