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Sheriff John “Big John” Williams, Sr.>

November 23, 2019

Sheriff John “Big John” Williams, Sr.

Sheriff John Williams was shot and killed at 8:00 pm while responding to a trespassing and noise complaint call at a convenience store at the intersection of Highways 21 and 97 in Hayneville. He had responded to the store after […]

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Police Officer Rasheen McClain>

November 20, 2019

Police Officer Rasheen McClain

Police Officer Rasheen McClain was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence in which a woman’s boyfriend had broken into her home and threatened the occupants with a firearm. When responding officers arrived on the scene, they encountered […]

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Investigator Cecil Ridley>

November 19, 2019

Investigator Cecil Ridley

Investigator Cecil Ridley was shot and killed while conducting a subject stop at a convenience store at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. near 12th Street in Augusta. He was conducting proactive patrols with other members of the […]

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Deputy Sheriff Stephen Reece>

November 16, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Stephen Reece

Deputy Sheriff Stephen Reece was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Oak Plains Road and Route 41A South, in Montgomery County, at 2:15 pm. His patrol car was struck as it entered the highway. Deputy Reece was […]

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Deputy Sheriff Makeem Brooks>

November 13, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Makeem Brooks

Deputy Sheriff Makeem Brooks was killed in a single-vehicle crash while responding to a shots fired call at approximately 11:30 pm. He was driving on Highway 158 just outside of Garysburg when his patrol car left the roadway, entered a […]

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Detective Jorge DelRio>

November 7, 2019

Detective Jorge DelRio

Detective Jorge DelRio succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained on November 4th, 2019, while serving a search warrant as part of a DEA Task Force. He and other members of the task force had made entry into the home, at 1454 […]

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Interim Police Chief Michael Knapp>

November 6, 2019

Interim Police Chief Michael Knapp

Interim Police Chief Michael Knapp succumbed to injuries sustained the previous evening when he was struck by a pickup truck in the 200 block of Fourth Street. He was crossing the street to attend a special city council meeting at […]

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Detention Officer Gene Lee>

October 30, 2019

Detention Officer Gene Lee

Detention Officer Gene Lee succumbed to injuries sustained the previous day when he was assaulted by an inmate Lower Buckeye Jail. The inmate attacked Officer Lee without provocation, grabbing him by the neck and sweeping his legs out from below […]

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Deputy Sheriff Brian Ishmael>

October 23, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Brian Ishmael

Deputy Sheriff Brian Ishmael was shot and killed while responding to a call for service in the area of Sand Ridge Road and Mount Aukum Road in the rural Somerset community. Several subjects opened fire on Deputy Ishmael and a […]

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Deputy Sheriff Jake Allmendinger>

October 19, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Jake Allmendinger

Deputy Sheriff Jake Allmendinger was struck and killed by his patrol car on Fairy Lake Road in the Bridger mountain range. He and another deputy were responding to the area to check on the welfare of a stranded motorist. Their […]

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Captain Albert Torres>

October 12, 2019

Captain Albert Torres

Captain Albert Torres suffered a fatal heart attack while patrolling areas affected by the Saddleridge Fire, a wildfire covering over 8,000 acres that destroyed more than 20 homes and prompted mandatory evacuations of 100,000 residents in the area. He had […]

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Trooper Peter R. Stephan>

October 11, 2019

Trooper Peter R. Stephan

Trooper Peter Stephan was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Old State Road 25, near Stair Road, while responding to assist another deputy at the scene of a crash near Americus. His patrol car left the roadway as he entered […]

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