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Lieutenant Justin Bedwell>

March 1, 2021

Lieutenant Justin Bedwell

Lieutenant Justin Bedwell succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained two days earlier following a vehicle pursuit of two brothers that started in neighboring Seminole County. The pursuit started when Seminole County deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop of a […]

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Reserve Deputy Constable Martinus Mitchum>

February 26, 2021

Reserve Deputy Constable Martinus Mitchum

Reserve Deputy Constable Martinus Mitchum was shot and killed outside of George Washington Carver High School while escorting a disorderly subject off the property during a high school basketball playoff game. The subject had been denied entry into the game […]

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Police Officer Dominic J. Winum>

February 26, 2021

Police Officer Dominic J. Winum

Police Officer Nick Winum was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop near Judy Lane at approximately 3:30 pm. An occupant of the vehicle got out and opened fire on Officer Winum before he was able to get out […]

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Deputy Sheriff Thomas Albanese>

February 25, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Albanese

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Albanese was killed in a motorcycle crash at the intersection of Del Amo Boulevard and Paramount Boulevard, in Lakewood, at about 9:00 am. His patrol motorcycle collided with a vehicle in the intersection and he suffered fatal […]

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Natural Resources Officer Jason Lagore>

February 23, 2021

Natural Resources Officer Jason Lagore

Natural Resources Officer Jason Lagore died after suffering a medical emergency while conducting a search for a juvenile who had fallen through the ice at Rocky Fork Lake at Rocky Fork State Park. Two juveniles had fallen through the ice […]

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Lieutenant Eugene Lasco>

February 21, 2021

Lieutenant Eugene Lasco

Lieutenant Eugene Lasco was stabbed to death by an inmate at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Indiana. The prisoner was being escorted through a common area when he began to assault another corrections officer. When Lieutenant Lasco came […]

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Police Officer Horacio Dominguez>

February 21, 2021

Police Officer Horacio Dominguez

Police Officer Horacio Dominguez was killed in a vehicle crash on I-75 near mile marker 51 in Collier County at about 1:20 am. One of the rear tires on his patrol vehicle blew out, causing his vehicle to go out […]

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Deputy Sheriff Michael Magli>

February 17, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Michael Magli

Deputy Sheriff Michael Magli was struck and killed by a drunk driver who fled at a high rate of speed after a sheriff’s sergeant attempted to stop him. Deputies and rescue personnel had responded to reports of a subject passed […]

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Police Officer Mitchell Penton>

February 13, 2021

Police Officer Mitchell Penton

Police Officer Mitchell Penton was struck and killed by a vehicle operated by an intoxicated driver at about 1:45 am. He was working at the scene of a vehicle collision in the northbound lanes of the North Central Expressway at […]

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Chief of Police Timothy John Sheehan>

February 11, 2021

Chief of Police Timothy John Sheehan

Chief of Police Tim Sheehan suffered a fatal heart attack the day after responding to a call in which he had to perform CPR on a citizen. He had returned to duty the following morning when he suffered a heart […]

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Patrolman Darian Jarrott>

February 4, 2021

Patrolman Darian Jarrott

Patrolman Darian Jarrott was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop of a known offender on I-10 near milepost 101 in Luna County. The driver of the vehicle was the subject of an ongoing narcotics investigation and was en […]

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Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger>

February 2, 2021

Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger

Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger and Special Agent Daniel Alfin were shot and killed while executing a search warrant in Sunrise, Florida, as part of an investigation involving child pornography and violent crimes against children. A team was making entry into […]

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