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Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson>

January 18, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson

Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson and K9 Riley were shot and killed in the parking lot of the Cal Expo and State Fair facility following a vehicle pursuit of a parolee. Deputies noticed the subject and vehicle, which matched the description […]

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Police Officer Brandon Stalker>

January 18, 2021

Police Officer Brandon Stalker

Police Officer Brandon Stalker was shot and killed at about 6:30 pm during a barricade involving an arson suspect. At approximately 2:20 am the front doors of the historic Rosary Cathedral had been set on fire and racial statements were […]

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Corporal Christine Peters>

January 14, 2021

Corporal Christine Peters

Corporal Christine Peters succumbed to injuries sustained 12 days earlier when she was struck by a vehicle on Edmonston Road, north of Cherrywood Lane, while assisting officers from the United States Park Police at the scene of a crash at […]

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Police Officer Melton “Fox” Gore>

January 12, 2021

Police Officer Melton “Fox” Gore

Police Officer Melton Gore was struck and killed by a vehicle while clearing debris from the roadway near the interchange of Highway 22 and Highway 31. Officer Gore had served with the Horry County Police Department for 23 years and […]

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Master Corporal Brian LaVigne>

January 11, 2021

Master Corporal Brian LaVigne

Master Corporal Brian LaVigne was killed when his patrol car was intentionally rammed by another vehicle on West Lumsden Road, near South King’s Avenue, in Brandon. Deputies had responded to an apartment complex nearby after a man started throwing furniture […]

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Officer Brian David Sicknick>

January 7, 2021

Officer Brian David Sicknick

Officer Brian Sicknick succumbed to injuries sustained the previous day after being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher while physically engaging with protestors on the grounds of the United States Capitol. Some of the protestors began to riot […]

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Deputy Sheriff Johnathan David Price>

January 6, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Johnathan David Price

Deputy Sheriff Johnathan Price was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Maiden Down Road and Jackson Road at approximately 10:50 pm. His patrol car collided with another vehicle at the intersection. Deputy Price and the driver of […]

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Police Officer Jay Hughes>

January 6, 2021

Police Officer Jay Hughes

Police Officer Jay Hughes suffered a fatal heart attack while he and two other officers responded to an altercation on the gaming floor of the Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Spokane, Washington. They were detaining one of the subjects […]

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Sergeant Bruce Watson>

January 2, 2021

Sergeant Bruce Watson

Sergeant Bruce Watson was killed in a motorcycle crash near the intersection of Shadow Creek Parkway and Kingsley Drive in Pearland. He had just completed a funeral escort when his department motorcycle collided with an SUV. He was flown to […]

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Sergeant Daniel Mobley>

January 2, 2021

Sergeant Daniel Mobley

Sergeant Daniel Mobley was struck and killed by a vehicle on I-75/85, near Williams Street in Atlanta, at about 9:00 am while on the scene of a previous crash involving another DeKalb County police officer. Sergeant Mobley had served with […]

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Sergeant Gordon William Best>

January 1, 2021

Sergeant Gordon William Best

Sergeant Gordon Best was killed in a vehicle crash on Highway 17 S, near 39th Avenue S, while responding to a call at about 4:00 am. His patrol car left the roadway and struck a utility pole during a period […]

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Police Officer Jason Nicholas Shuping>

December 16, 2020

Police Officer Jason Nicholas Shuping

Police Officer Jason Shuping was shot and killed while responding to an attempted carjacking at a fast-food restaurant at 7761 Gateway Lane NW. A North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agent had encountered an abandoned vehicle at the scene of a […]

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