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Police Officer Ryan Bialke>

July 27, 2021

Police Officer Ryan Bialke

Police Officer Ryan Bialke was shot and killed while responding to reports of a suicidal subject at home on Highway 1 one mile west of Redby. The subject opened fire and shot Officer Bialke as he arrived at the home. […]

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Police Officer Marquis Moorer>

July 27, 2021

Police Officer Marquis Moorer

Police Officer Marquis Moorer was shot and killed from ambush while stopping at his apartment for his meal break at about 4:00 am. He was approached by a subject who then opened fire on him outside of the building in […]

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Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas>

July 25, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas

Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas was shot and killed during a barricade at a home near the intersection of 1st Street and Poplar Avenue in Wasco. Deputies had initially responded to the home for reports of a shooting at about 1:00 […]

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Detective Jeremy Brown>

July 23, 2021

Detective Jeremy Brown

Detective Jeremy Brown was shot and killed while conducting surveillance at an apartment complex in the 3500 block of Northeast 109th Avenue in Vancouver. He was approached by three people and was shot as he sat in his vehicle. Two […]

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Reserve Deputy Sheriff Tom Larry Hoobler>

July 17, 2021

Reserve Deputy Sheriff Tom Larry Hoobler

Reserve Deputy Sheriff Tom Hoobler suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after directing traffic during an unusually hot and humid day at the Childress Old Settlers Rodeo parade. He had completed his traffic detail when he responded to assist with […]

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Sergeant Joshua Blake Bartlett>

July 15, 2021

Sergeant Joshua Blake Bartlett

Sergeant Josh Bartlett was shot and killed during a barricade at a home in the 1100 block of 10th Street in Levelland. Earlier in the morning, the subject had been stopped by a Texas Highway Patrol trooper for reckless driving […]

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Police Officer William Earl Collins, Jr.>

July 9, 2021

Police Officer William Earl Collins, Jr.

Police Officer Billy Collins was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Green Tree Street at about 6:00 pm. A subject in the home opened fire on him and two deputies from the Webster Parish Sheriff’s […]

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Detective Greg Ferency>

July 7, 2021

Detective Greg Ferency

Detective Greg Ferency was shot and killed outside of an FBI Task Force building near the intersection of Wabash Court and First Street in Terre Haute. A suspect also suffered gunshot wounds and was taken into custody after driving himself […]

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Deputy Sheriff Anthony Redondo>

June 26, 2021

Deputy Sheriff Anthony Redondo

Deputy Sheriff Anthony Redondo was killed in a vehicle crash at the intersection of Aten Road and Forrester Road while responding to a call for service. His patrol SUV collided with another vehicle in the intersection. Deputy Redondo had served […]

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Police Officer Kevin Apple>

June 26, 2021

Police Officer Kevin Apple

Police Officer Kevin Apple was struck and killed by a vehicle in the parking lot of a gas station at the intersection of Slack Street and N Curtis Avenue. The vehicle had fled from officers in Rogers, Arkansas, earlier after […]

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Police Officer Gordon Beesley>

June 21, 2021

Police Officer Gordon Beesley

Police Officer Gordon Beesley was shot and killed at about 1:30 pm after having responded to a suspicious event call near the Arvada Library in the 7500 block of W 57th Avenue. While on scene he became engaged in a […]

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Police Officer Joseph Burson>

June 16, 2021

Police Officer Joseph Burson

Police Officer Joe Burson succumbed to injuries sustained when he was dragged by a vehicle during a traffic stop of a speeding vehicle at about 11:00 pm. He had stopped the vehicle on Hickory Road between Little Road and Hickory […]

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