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Welcome to the Gallagher’s Army: Fallen Officer Fund

We’re proud to launch a new mission and focus for Gallagher’s Army – to support families of fallen police officers in their time of need. While the Gallagher’s Army mission may have changed, we’re still in the business of helping people, and it’s with the continued help of our online visitors and The Mike Gallagher Show radio listeners that we’re able to give immediate financial assistance to families of those killed in the line of duty.

One response to “Welcome to the Gallagher’s Army: Fallen Officer Fund”

  1. Patricia Dillard says:

    I’ve always supported our policeand firemen and this a great opportunity to remember them.
    The Fallen Officer Fund reminds us that they’re always standing up for us. The photos give some conection to their families and the sorrow they feel.

    I wanted to notify you some time ago that the prominent talk show hosts are borrowing your material and it bothers me because I think these are original.

    Monica Crowley was calling heself happy warrior and Hannity and others are borrowing “Fight the good fight.” It shows how popular your new station is racking up new audiences.

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