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Security Supervisor Joseph Zangaro


July 11, 2016

Security Supervisor Joe Zangaro and Court Officer Ron Kienzle were shot and killed inside the Berrien County Courthouse by an inmate who was attempting to escape at approximately 2:25 pm.

A court officer and a Berrien County sheriff’s deputy were in the process of removing the prisoner from a holding cell in a corridor behind a courtroom when the man attacked them. The prisoner was able to disarm one of the officers and opened fire, striking them both. The man escaped into a public hallway where he shot a civilian and exchanged shots with two other court officers, striking one of them, before being killed by return gunfire.

The inmate was in court for two counts of criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, and domestic assault.

Security Supervisor Zangaro had served as the Berrien County Trial Court’s director of security for 10 years after having retired from the Michigan State Police after 25 years.

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