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Marine Interdiction Agent Michel O. Maceda


November 17, 2022

Marine Interdiction Agent Michel Maceda was shot and killed during a maritime narcotics interdiction operation approximately 12 miles southwest of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

He and two other Marine Interdiction Agents intercepted a vessel they believed to be transporting narcotics. One of the occupants of the vessel opened fire on the agents as they began to board it. All three agents and both subjects were shot during the ensuing shootout.

The United States Coast Guard flew all three agents to a hospital in Puerto Rico where Agent Maceda later succumbed to his wounds. One of the two smugglers on the boat was also killed.

Over 1,300 kilograms of cocaine were recovered from the boat the agents were attempting to board and a second boat that was interdicted nearby.

Agent Maceda had served with the United States Customs and Border Protection – Air and Marine Operations for seven years.

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