Deputy Sheriff John Durm

Deputy Sheriff John Durm succumbed to injuries he sustained at about 11:30 am when he was attacked by a prisoner attempting to escape from the Community Justice Campus at 675 Justice Way in Indianapolis.

He was returning the murder suspect from the hospital when the man violently assaulted him in the detention center’s sallyport. The prisoner wrapped the handcuff chain linking around Deputy Sheriff’s neck, with both of them falling to the ground during the struggle. As soon as Deputy Durm stopped moving, the prisoner unlocked his handcuffs, then stole one of the sheriff’s vans but crashed outside the complex during his escape attempt. The prisoner was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is facing murder charges.

Deputy Durm was transported to Eskenazi Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Deputy Durm had served with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for 38 years. He is survived by his wife, four children, and parents. His wife and son also serve with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.







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